8 Jul 2017

'Cementary'/ Aerites Dance Company

Patrícia Apergi > 'Cementary'/ Aerites Dance Company

The future is war.

The future is disorder

Whatever remains, will be future.

If only we could listen to the voices underneath the cements…

In this workshop we will focus on the kinetic vocabulary and some of the researching and moving materials that the choreographer Patricia Apergi used with her company for the creation of her new piece Cementary.

We will investigate researching tools that are based on the spontaneous and automatic expression, together with improvisational methods in order to relate the personal experience of each participant with the thematic of the piece.

What is like to be homeless and live on the streets?

What is the significance of the ‘empty spaces’ of a city?

How can these spaces be re-used and recycled?

And what kind of dance can be born there?

Those were some of the questions we posed in order to create our own imaginary city, a city that belongs to the future using the contemporary issues and the nowadays examples.

Cementary is a city that survived crisis although still mourns for its victims. It is the city of blending. It is the city where voices scream underneath the cements.

Cementary is the future, even though today we are unable to imagine it.

And in this workshop, we will try to “dare” to dream the future of our bodies…

This workshop is addressed to professional dancers and dance students.

PATRÍCIA APERGI. Was born in Athens. Ιn April 2006 she founded the Aerites dance company where she choreographed the pieces Cementary (2017), Tanzheimer (2014) Planites (2013), ERA poVERA (2012), The Manifest of the Other (2010), d.opa! (dopamines of post-Athenians)(2009), Ferry Tales (2009), Apolost (2008)and Anorexia Socialis (2007). With the company, she has toured the pieces, in various dance festivals, all over the world and has been awarded with the Ermis prize (2008) and with 3 Evge prices (2009, 2007).

She is Director of Cultural Events and teaches dance and theatre at the Leonteios School, Athens. She is teaching the choreographic workshop "choreographic attempts" at the Dance Cultural Centre and the program dance 65+ for elders at Onassis Cultural Center. She is a co-writer of the book ‘History of theatre and theatrical education’ (Ministry of Education, Educational Centers for Adults, 2007) and she is a member of the international centre of emerging artists (IFEA, 2008) of London. She is announced as a modul-dance artist for the years 2013-2014 and associate artiste of Maison de la danse for 2016-2017.

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