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ADRIENN HÓD is an internationally acclaimed choreographer, specialising in contemporary dance and experimental movement. Her permanent company is HODWORKS, of which she has been artistic and production director since 2007. In addition to her work with the company, she also choreographs for other Hungarian and international collaborations. She is also an applied choreographer for theatre productions, films and commercials. In addition to her creative work, she regularly teaches on both Hungarian and international platforms, where she works with improvisational tools, often related to HODWORKS performances.



The aim of a new residency period would be the return to experimentation. In the life of an artist, research is elementary. Trying out different work methods without the pressure of time is crucial because this is what leads to new, relevant findings. Nowadays, everything is very much centred around quick results and quick production, which hinders the deepening of thematics. In the present time, Adrienn Hód is looking for this special quality: a period of time where free research is put in centre so that she can re-orientate with her co-creators: 3 or 4 dancers of the company. So, the motivation for a residency is to do real, deep research in a neutral place (meaning: a place where we are not used to work, a space that is “virgin to our mind”). It could give mental space for new imagery.