Sofía Asencio

SOFÍA ASENCIO. Choreographer, dancer and performer has worked as a dancer for 10 years with various companies (Lanonima Imperial, Mudanses, Vicente Saez, Cia ACTA and General Electrica) with whom has toured around the world.

Since 2002, is coodirecting with Tomas Alonso Aragay Societat Doctor Alonso, where she works as playwright, choreographer and performer. With this project she has created; "on beauty", "Shopping bread", "Santa Sofia, an ignorant’s solo", "On Death", “the missteps of Luisa "," Volume II” “Ramon 2108 "," acid folk” ," Club Fernando Pessoa”“La naturaleza y su temblor”, “Introducción a la introducción”, “El desenterrador”, “Y los huesos hablaron” and “Anarchy”. During this years she has also made their own creations and has collaborated with other artists and choreographers.