El llibre dels 18 anys de La Caldera

"This book wants to be a small collection, a small fragment which can not host all our truth, all what we did, everything that has happened and all we have been; it is not intended to do it. But it aims to be a place where dump our collective memory, trusting that it will fill the gaps, the holes behind a complex "reality", always incomplete, highly subjective.

In any case this "reality" shared over 18 years, has been developed for each and every one of us with passion, dedication and love...

Thanks to all who have contributed, came, gone, shared, worked and loved. This book is for all of us. "

The project that we present below is the publication of a book-object to commemorate the 18 years of existence of La Caldera, center of dance and performing arts. This is a special edition, unique and unrepeatable.

This book is intended as a document to memory mode, and both a reflection and a possible tool for future joint projects. It wants to show how has been to develop an independent collective project in the city of Barcelona in the last 18 years as well as the way that it has been deployed, all that it has content and its meaning on different levels.

The book has a special meaning as it also represents the end of the project linked to our current location and opens a possibility of reformulation and recasting another possible venue for future.

With this publication we also pay a tribute to all those people and groups who have served or who have passed through La Caldera throughout its existence, as well as an overview of the activities, events and projects that it had developed, complicity and networks created with other industry players and, of course, with the public, without which a project like this would have been meaningless.

This book will be done with all those who have been linked at some point to La Caldera: partners, employees, friends, residents, artists, teachers, students, visitors, public, ... If you felt that La Caldera has been part of your life at some point and feel that it is a place that can continue being it, we encourage you to participate. Your collaboration can be done through financial contributions, being patron of our project through this Verkami, but also by sending photographs and artwork related to your passage through La Caldera. We want a collective project, as it has been with La Caldera.

This book-object includes two DVD's with images of the various activities and numerous texts commissioned from artists, experts, professionals and people involved as André Lepecki, Scott deLahunta, Lipi Hernández, Montse Colomé, Carles Mallol, Carles Sales, Alexis Eupierre, Inés Boza, Álvaro de la Peña, Sol Picó, Clàudia G. Moreso, Toni Mira, Beatriu Daniel, Toni Cots, Helena Torres, Rosario Hernández, Tracy Sirés, Fani Benages, Berta Sureda, Germana Civera, Roberto Frattini, Cristina Riera, Magali Homs, Mireia de Querol, Silvia Lorente, Cesc Casadesús, Jean-Marc Adolphe, Jordi Prat i Coll, among others ...

We want to capture a plural story of La Caldera and to highlight the impact that it has had as well as to assert the importance of its existence over the last 18 years, with both successes and mistakes.

La Caldera reaches his majority and we want it to be documented, not only as a testimony of its long and fruitful life but as a starting point for everything it have left to live. We look forward to your cooperation!


The book consist of 400 pages, with approximate dimensions of 25x17 cm. and we will publish at the same time a self-managed Web File with documentary materials, audiovisual and related photographic artists, companies, groups, organizations involved in the project of La Caldera which include a section in English. With this file 2.0. La Caldera will open the content for free feeding it with the participation of artists and audiences. The edition of the book, the DVDs and the web file will be provided by Liquid Docs. The content (text, images, videos) will be created and supervised by the Caldera and its collaborators.


The book will be published before the end of 2013.

The work schedule will be (susceptible to small changes): on June 30 we will close the final contents of the book and on August 14 we will be closing the final model. Later, it will held printing jobs to have the book ready in November.

The presentation of the book will take place in December. During that month the patrons may pass through La Caldera to collect their rewards. Also, in addition to these rewards, the idea is to share among those attending the presentation, some fragments of the space of La Caldera so they can have a physical memory of the space.