1 - 5 Aug 2016

From gravity to lightness

Lali Ayguadé > De la gravedad a la ligereza

The work is based on how we use the floor when we dance, giving great importance to our base, the feet, as the support to all our movement. Power lies in the feet, in the legs, leaving the rest of the body unhindered to express itself freely. In class we will work with fast movement without leaving out any details. Continuous movement is also important, registering how energy does not stop moving within our body, even when we are still, there is movement.

We will also be carrying out research for the company’s next piece.

She recently presented her latest pieces ¨kokoro¨ (a quartet) co-produced by Mercat de les Flors and Temporada Alta and ¨De camino al otro¨( a duet still in progress) together with the acrobat Julian Sicard. She has also created two shorter pieces, Saba and Incógnito. Her first piece ¨Little Me¨ was created in 2012.

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