1 - 5 Aug 2016

What moves you?

La Macana > ¿Qué te mueve?

The question “What moves you?” sums up the work we’re proposing. An attentive body sustaining the question at all times. When you ask yourself what moves you, you’re asking what energy you need to move now, what strength you need to move now, what muscles you don’t need to move now, who you’re moving with now. This allows us to be in the present continuously. The question “What moves you?” is never answered, it is simply sustained all the time, allowing us to be attentive, sensitive, open, aware of all the agents at play at any given moment.

To understand ourselves as “stage animals”, an animal that sniffs out, listens, spies, waits, interprets, seeks and watches from a distance, a curious animal ready to take risks, renewing itself constantly in its search for movement, feeling no need to stay within set codes. Instead it drinks from all of them, transforming them and using them at its will. In the same way our idea is for our teaching to spring from the many sources that have nourished us on our pathway. A compendium of all of them, without defining a specific style, is what we offer our students. Our own way of understanding how we move.

Dance company based in Galicia (ES), formed in 2009 by the dancers and creators Caterina Varela y Alexis Fernández. The two cornerstones of LA MACANA are continued cooperation with other artists and the strong international presence of their projects.

Their first work, VEN, staged in over 20 countries and awarded several prizes, made their name on the international circuit, encouraging them to maintain a fruitful cooperation with foreign artists and institutions over the years.

They have worked in their own productions, VEN, SHURE PG48, SOMETIMES, NO TITLE YET, cooperating with other artists COLA DE GALLO, SEISdeCATRO, DROWN THE ROAD, INVISIBLE WIRES, or as guest choreographers for other companies CHUCK & BRUCE, LUST.
Their creative work is combined with teaching, as guest teachers at different international centres.

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