14 - 18 Nov 2016

Workshop (LA) HORDE + performance at Fenòmens Festival in collaboration with Acció Mutant, La Caldera

Workshop (LA) HORDE + presentación en el Festival Fenòmens dentro del cicle Acció Mutant de La Caldera

(LA) HORDE is a collective of three artists: Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer i Arthur Harel. Together, they develop their practice through stage direction, filmmaking, video installation, choreography and performance.

For this week's gathering, Marine, Jonathan and Arthur will exchange with the participants and will propose various choreographic experiments. The idea is questioning how the interpreters relate to their bodies, according to the different space areas they cross or occupy. The workshop is based on the work that the collective leads, what they call "the post-Internet dances", and on the Jumpstyle dance, that comes from the hardstyle movement.

Send your presentation letter, before 6th November, to info@fenomens.net