Dance company based in Galicia (ES), formed in 2009 by the dancers and creators Caterina Varela y Alexis Fernández. The two cornerstones of LA MACANA are continued cooperation with other artists and the strong international presence of their projects.

Their first work, VEN, staged in over 20 countries and awarded several prizes, made their name on the international circuit, encouraging them to maintain a fruitful cooperation with foreign artists and institutions over the years.

They have worked in their own productions, VEN, SHURE PG48, SOMETIMES, NO TITLE YET, cooperating with other artists COLA DE GALLO, SEISdeCATRO, DROWN THE ROAD, INVISIBLE WIRES, or as guest choreographers for other companies CHUCK & BRUCE, LUST.
Their creative work is combined with teaching, as guest teachers at different international centres.