Festival Sâlmon'19

La Caldera will become for two days the venue for the process programming of the 7th edition of the Sâlmon Festival, which this year seeks to expand, presenting an edition mediated in dialogue with different spaces in the city that usually host contemporary living arts in their programs, research, residencies and projects ...

The SÂLMON <and the participating structures are committed to supporting artists, their processes and realities to make a viable and sustainable artistic path possible. Therefore, among all the collaborating voices we have been working to think of comfortable and differential contexts that break the logic of presentation and premiere and the binomial artist and spectator to be able to share practices, meetings and other ways of relating to the artistic fact. and the living arts.

Thus, the programming of this 7th edition expands through different universes and spaces in the city to be able to represent a cartography of the cultural ecosystem of Barcelona.

The impetus of the Graner, the Mercat de les Flors, Fabra i Coats - Fàbrica de Creació and Barcelona City Council has found the complicity of L'Antic Teatre, La Caldera, La Poderosa and the Fundació Joan Miró in this desire to create a network of dialogue to build, increasingly in relation, a festival of contemporary living arts in the city.
Likewise, other spaces such as L'Auditori, CaixaFòrum, MACBA, Sala Hiroshima, MNAC and Zumzeig also host festival proposals, devoting mutual time to creating a dialogue, supporting author proposals and, among all, setting up a SÂLMON Festival <more open and collective.

All the Festival's programming and more information on the Sâlmon< website.