Festival Sâlmon'21

New river for the Salmon.

This Sâlmon was born driven by a structure that preserves its existence, an ecosystem formed by spaces that keep the pulse of the living arts in Barcelona constant: the Antic Teatre, La Caldera, el Graner and La Poderosa, and by a team of artists and generators of contexts that have been shaking the scene for decades: Sofia Asencio, Bea Fernández, Iñaki Álvarez and Ariadna Rodríguez, curators who, with Dianelis Diéguez at the mediation, will support the 2021 and 2022 editions. Renewed the river, this sprawling structure or organism operating by mutual affectation begins a new stage.

Sâlmon 21 thus proposes a contingency pact, the opening of a framework that allows the living arts to keep burning the only thing that differentiates them from other stage currents: the boundless commitment to experimentation. Audiences and creators will be able to play it again in a wild sequence plan where hybridizing languages ​​on and off the field, a great performative machine or new place to look at unsuspected landscapes, such as the time we are living, which requires us to imagine other kinds of agencies and ways of doing things.

This Sâlmon does not end its journey here, as the river will keep its capital alive, making a crossfade or transition, in the form of encounters throughout 2021, with the 2022 edition from spaces of conversation and public display of the work previously carried out by creators in residence, thus delving into the construction of contexts closer to the city and creation.

In dialogue with all the parties that make it up, the new Sâlmon festival has the opportunity to make the whole year spring, an uninterrupted party, the most necessary exception for Barcelona today.

Fernando Gandasegui

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