Summer Stage 2016

Confirmed teacher for La Caldera Summer Stage 2016!

(from 1st to 12th August)

Laura Aris - Lali Ayguadé - Jos Baker - Maria Campos - Frey Faust - Julyen Hamilton - Thomas Hauert - Milan Herich - La Intrusa - Virginia García/Damián Muñoz - La Macana - Nicole Peis.

1>5 august          
10am-12am   Milan Herich   Flying low
10am-12am   Maria Campos   Technique
1pm-4pm   La Macana   Partnering
1pm-4.45pm   Julyen Hamilton (2>6 august)   Laboratory
5pm-7pm   Lali Ayguadé   Technique
5pm-9pm   Nicole Peisl   Forsythe workshop



10am-12am   Jos Baker (8>11 august)   Technique

Frey Faust

(9>13 august)

  Axis Syllabus
1.30pm-4.30pm   Laura Aris   Technique
5pm-9pm   Thomas Hauert   Laboratory
5pm-8pm   La Intrusa   Partnering


    Technique workshop 2h   120 €  
    Technique workshop 3h   150 €  
    Laboratory 4h   180 €  
Discounts   If you do two workshops or more    
    2 workshops: 10%      
    3 workshops: 15%      
    Paying before 31st May (doing two workshops or more): 30%
    APdC: 20%        
    Institut del Teatre students: 20%    
    AISGE: 20%        
    *The discounts are not cumulative    

How to register?

Send an email to attaching a cv and specifying the courses you want to do.

To reserve a place is necessary to pay 50% in advance.

Once the course has begun the amount paid will not be returned under any circumstances.

Payment can be made by bank transfer or in cash at the offices of La Caldera (C/ Rabassa 44 bajos)

Office hours: Monday to Thursday from 10am to 2pm and from 15.30pm to 6pm and Friday from 10am to 14pm

International transactions must be in euros.

Please note that expenses are to be payed by the remitter.

Each student is responsible for their own accommodation and travel to where the workshops and laboratories are performed.

Listener can attend classes free but registration is required in