28 - 30 Jul 2016

Dance to death - Grec'16

Caldera Grec < Dance to death Tristán Pérez-Martín

A site-specific creation about the "losers", especially in the world of dance and theater, part of one of those contests resistance in which couples had to dance without resources to exhaustion.

Director Alberto Velasco and premiered in 2015 ' Danzad damn', a piece that played on stage in the United States during the time of the Great Depression and in which couples without resources struggled desperately to win a cash prize. Now, Velasco delves into the proposal and uses actors, actresses, dancers unemployed to interpret a choreographic piece that, beyond the simple reproduction of those contests, pays tribute to the so - called "losers", those who fall by the wayside and fail to achieve their goals. It does so with special focus on the world of dance and theatrical performance, even though it is a beautiful profession it is hard and cruel, in which only 20 percent of applicants can work and performers have to wait to be chosen by directors or casting directors, hence becoming mere spectators of their own victory or defeat.

Velasco's proposal takes the form of a site-specific creation (designed for a particular space) that part of Horace McCoy's novel ‘They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?’ in which director Sydney Pollack made a film of the same title (released in Spanish as 'Danzad, danzad, malditos’ 1969). They have converted the choreography in a way where few actors and dancers take time off work and therefore, have a unique creative energy and are in the best possible conditions to tell a story like this.

Art sheet

Direction: Alberto Velasco

Interpretation: Anna Briansó, Alba Aloy, Alejandro Bordanove, Armand Villén, Berta Graells, Carmen Gómez, Coral Ortega, Ettore Colombo, Marc Joy, Miquel Bonet, Raquel Molano, Sonia Barba, Shanice Stanislaus i Tamara Ndong

Text: Sònia Barba

Coreography: Alberto Velasco i intèrprets

Lighting Design: Lídia Ayala i Carles Borràs

Video image and photography: Tristán Pérez-Martín

Streaming: Rebeca Sánchez López

Assistant direction: Montse Colomé y Jordi Vidal

Project coordinator: Carles Mallol

Executive production: Raquel Ortega

Assistant production: Raül Perales

Collaboration: Kiakahart,Antonio Moreno, Miquel Ruiz i Fernanda Ortiz

With the special collaboration of Ines Boza

La Caldera, dance and performing arts creation center, Grec Festival de Barcelona and O tempo voa production.

Actor, director and playwright trained at the School of Dramatic Art of Valladolid. He has worked on several theater projects directed by Juan Carlos Pérez de la Fuente, Chev Muraday Carlota Ferrer, Miguel del Arco, Marta Carrasco, among others. In film, has been directed by Paco León in his latest film 'Kiki' and currently participates in the television series "Vis a Vis" Globomedia. Since 2006 he has performed in his own productions as a director and creator, with his latest production, ‘Danzad Malditos’ which won the MAX prize and awarded the 2015 Best Performing Arts show revelation. As an actor he was awarded the Union of actors CYL for Best Actor in 2008

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Dates> 28, 29, July 30

Time> from 20.30 to 23h

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