13 - 14 Jul 2024

Æffective Choreography

Intimacy, regarded as a practice of being together, is the theme of this show for seven bodies and one musician. Vulnerability and exposure in an exquisitely beautiful creation featuring bodies and what is concealed.

How does your body feel today? At a time of speed and violence, the Lisbon-based, Berlin-residing choreographer André Uerba explores the concept of intimacy as a counterpoint. This inquiry has been a part of his career from the very beginning. In this new show, it is regarded as an exercise in a series of naked bodies being together as they approach and separate from one another, touch each other or show what is seldom seen. Seven performers (some from the company and others from local venues) and a musician share time and space to explore the boundaries between sharing and withdrawing, movement and stillness, vulnerability and exposure. The performers you’ll see on stage feature in a slow-paced encounter in which their bodies attune to one another, sink and merge together. The desire to make hidden things visible unfolds via the intimate gestures of performers who collectively turn their gaze toward inner landscapes, where slowness and touch become a main practice.

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Art sheet

Co-produced by André Uerba and Radialsystem.

With the residency support of Tanzfabrik and Theaterhaus Mitte.

Supported by the National Performance Network - Stepping Out, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the framework of the initiative Neustart Kultur - Assistance Program for Dance.

Concept and artistic director: André Uerba

Creative collaborators: György Jellinek, Jone San Martin, Lyllie Rouvière, Manoela Rangel, Pedro Aybar

Performers in Barcelona: Manoela Rangel, Pedro Aybar, Feña Celedón Pérez, Lu Chieregati, Lyn Diniz, Reinaldo Ribeiro, Olga Álvarez

Sound design and live music: Kreatress. Song fragment / Live performance of Vivaldi’s Cum dederit

Dramaturgy support: Meg Stuart

Design of lighting and space, photographs and live music: André Uerba

Executive producer and press: Short Hope, André Uerba

In cooperation with Goethe Institut

André Uerba is a Portuguese choreographer who works on the concept of intimacy, starting from the process of creating Burn Time (2018), a research that continued in Fire Starter (2019/20), Inviting Moments of Stillness and A hole the size of your touch (2021). After a period of training in body work at the Institute for Somatic Learning, Sexuality and Body Work (ISB Berlin), he has created Æeffective Choreography, which opens a new chapter in his research work.

More about André Uerba at La Caldera

Saturday 13 of July, at 8pm

Sunday 14 de July, at 7pm

90 min. aprox.