18 Jun 2023

Call for artistic direction 2024-2027


La Caldera is a pioneer dance creation creation based in Catalonia, Spain.

A collective project that was originally born in 1995 in Gràcia, Barcelona, led by the group of founding artists that created a non-profit association A.C.D.A.C. (Cultural Association for the Development of Choreographic Activities) in order to sustain the project.

In April 2015, La Caldera moved to the Les Corts neighborhood, in the municipal building of the former Renoir cinemas and joined the public network Fàbriques de Creació (Creation Factories) promoted by the Barcelona City Council. Thus begins a new stage to carry out a public project with private management in a new headquarters and in a new neighborhood.

The association is a rather eclectic collective, currently made up of artists and producers, who point to many different lines, interests and aesthetics. The association accompanies the professional direction, management and production team, ensuring the right development of the project, contributing with its knowledge and experience, and ensuring that the management and an artistic vision go together.

La Caldera is an enabling, open, flexible space with the capacity to listen and give space to think, to explore, to create and to promote artisitic creation based on the body and movement, and also working on its approach with the public. A space that offers contexts to allow the enrichment of creative processes and to give continuity to personal and artistic development. A place that makes possible to visualize the work in progress in a context of trust.

La Caldera has a room that is also suitable for the exhibition of small and medium size proposals.

Through its residency program, La Caldera supports and accompanies stage artists of different ages, trajectories, profiles and origins, who consider the body as the central subject of their research.

Another indispensable mission of La Caldera is to make accessible the great diversity of languages and current forms of artistic expression in contemporary performing arts to the public, and to explore various ways and contexts for transmission and presentation. In addition to the public exhibition program and the opening of processes, it develops family, educational activities and neighborhood related activites.

Organizational framework

La Caldera is a municipally owned space, within the framework of the Barcelona Creation Factories programme, and managed by the non-profit cultural association A.C.D.A.C.

The association is currently made up of 13 members. The La Caldera management team accompanies the development of the artistic direction project.



La Caldera announces the opening of a selection process for the artistic direction of the center.


Contract duration: 4 years (2024-2027)

Full-time contract, with variable hours.

Gross annual salary: €32,000

Possibility of proposing a shared management, but with the distribution of the economic remuneration.

Incorporation in January 2024, with prior transfer time with the current management at the end of 2023, to be agreed jointly.


• Experience in dance and contemporary performing arts.

• Knowledge of the local, national and international dance and performing arts sector.

• Experience in management / organization and strategic vision

• Vision and public responsibility

• Ability to listen, dialogue and accompaniment of artists and their creative processes.

• Capacity for teamwork and leadership.

• Skills for planning and management, and negotiation

• Capacity for communication and institutional representation

• Ability to foster collaborative relationships

• Understanding of Catalan. Writing and speaking of Catalan and/or Spanish language.

The following will be valued positively, despite not being a requirement:

• Writing and speaking of English and other languages.

• Being an active artist or a person with an artistic outlook and in close contact with projects related to contemporary creation.

• Propose a unique, personal and creative approach. Encouraging, inclusive, intergenerational, interdisciplinary, inclusive.

The lines of work that we are interested in promoting are:

• La Caldera has a room with a license for public attendance with a capacity for 100 people. We would like to give greater prominence to the exhibition, for this space to accommodate diverse works at a conceptual, aesthetic, etc. level.

• We want to continue maintaining and updating the residency program, a key project of the center, especially to support the careers of young creators, while always leaving a space for consolidated artists and artists of different ages.

• We are very interested in thinking about what and how the arts and artists contribute to the general public.


• Design, execution and monitoring of the artistic project in its various lines of action: support for creation, residences, transmission, exhibition and territory. In coordination with the management team.

• Design of the public call for the selection of projects of artists in residence with mixed commission.

• Accompaniment of the projects and artists. Design and development of support programs.

• Generate contexts that facilitate the transmission of knowledge, practices and methodologies.

• Prepare the programming and exhibition strategy for La Caldera.

• Develop the different lines of the educational program linked to the territory.

• Pay attention to the local network and ensure a balance between national and international proposals and generational diversity.

• Mantain and establish new collaborations with other local, national and international spaces and projects.

• Work carefully on the reality of the current context and establish partnerships for collaboration and complementarity.

• Supervision of the development of the work team, budgets and general coordination of the project together with management and head of management and production.

• Institutional and sectoral representation together with management.

• Guarantee an open, participative and transparent public service operation.

• Design of strategies that encourage participation, accessibility and the creation of new audiences.



First phase

Send the following information to the address lacaldera@lacaldera.info

• C.V.

• Motivation letter

• Brief text explaining "What is a dance creation center for you in the current context and what should its priority functions be?"

Deadline: until June 18th, 2023.


The pre-selected candidates of the first phase will be summoned to an informative session the week of July 3rd, where the conditions (project history, budget, lines of work, team) will be presented, in order to prepare a 4 year project for La Caldera 2024-2027.


Second stage

Preparation of a strategy and action program, in which reflection is made on the projection and artistic positioning of La Caldera in the next 4 years, and indicating proposals to be developed in the different lines of action.

Project submission deadline: September 10th, 2023

Evaluation of the projects and candidacies presented and the possibility of requesting interviews.

Resolution: September 29th, 2023


Transfer and incorporation

Transfer time with the current artistic direction, coordination and production team: to be agreed, between October and December, depending on availability.

Effective incorporation: January 2024


Selection commity

The commission gatherd for the selection of the artisitic direction will be made up of: 1 representative of Barcelona City Council, 1 external artist, La Caldera management, 1 person from the management team, 1 member of the ACDAC association.