Festival Sâlmon'24

The choreographic as an experimental form invites you to constantly rearticulate your orientation, your material and conceptual disposition, with respect to time, space, perception, language, composition and ethics. To be choreographically involved means positioning oneself in relation, participating in a form of collective life that requires a certain attention: listening, duration, desire.

Through a series of pieces and encounters, this edition of Festival Sâlmon seeks to produce a time for this attention, and to consider contemporary dance and choreography in their poetic and political dimensions. These are capable of provoking critical affects understood as exercises that demand revision of our complex relationship with sensitive grammars and regimes of legibility. 

With such a purpose, this program convenes a series of pieces that transmit formations and states still unknown, emerging as a sensation, a form—a rhythm, a tone, a determinant inclination—and make you feel that a different life is plausible, because in fact it’s already here. You follow its cadence and keep insisting on generating resonances with it. It’s within its potential, in what’s already there but not yet named, wherein resides its capacity to undo and induce new feelings in imposed ways of reading, and reading ourselves.

From February 15 to 25, 2024, the 12th edition of Festival Sâlmon welcomes this cadence and seeks to transmit it through the sensitivity, the somatic intensities and the speculative fugue that produce the work and interventions of the artists.

The proposals assembled here are inspired by the potential of form to produce aesthetic and political sensitivities, and embrace lines of work as the transmission of somatic forms of knowledge, the body as a site of ideological emergence and inscription, organizations of linguistic value and their capacity to produce realities, and the theater as a site for the development of material imaginaries and forms of sociality.

Andrea Rodrigo y Néstor García
Curatorial Team Sâlmon Festival ed. 2023-24

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