3 - 13 Jul 2017

Creation lab 15 days standing up

Elena Córdoba > Taller de creación '15 días de pie' (Taller gratuito + presentación dentro del Festival Grec)


scenic Impromptu for a walkers group

(Free workshop + presentation within the Grec Festival)

Directed by Elena Córdoba

In collaboration with Nilo Gallego, Carlos Marquerie and David Benito.

La Caldera has invited the Madrid-based dancer and choreographer Elena Córdoba to perform a creative workshop inspired by the idea of the Impromptus (from the Latin in prompt; suddenly, immediately, without a pre-conceived plan) a Romantic musical genre that could be defined as a spur of the moment improvisation, a work aiming to liberate the creative spirit of the artist.

Over two weeks Elena Córdoba will share her universe and research with a group of people, selected through an open public call. A performance lab with the goal of triggering an in situ creative process, with all the risks and haste that this implies; an Impromptus to be presented on the 14th and 15th of July at La Caldera’s Studio 6, in the frame of Grec Festival de Barcelona.

The work period will be from 3rd to 15th July, from Monday to Saturday, from 4pm to 10pm.

Presentation days will be the 14th and 15th July at 8.30pm.

Is mandatory to have availability for that period of work.

Tha participation in this lab is for free. The lab will be in spanish.

The creation lab is aimed at performers, choreographers, dancers, actors, artists from other disciplines, who have a habitual practice with the body and who are interested in a process of creation like the one proposed below.

To participate in the call, you must:

Commitment to participation and attendance at the creation lab from 3rd to 15th July, from Monday to Saturday from 4 to 10 pm.

And also to the presentations, 14th and 15th July at 8.30 pm.

To participate in the call it is necessary to send a curriculum and a letter of motivation to aula@lacaldera.info specifying in the subject 'Creation lab with Elena Córdoba

Deadline to send the information: Friday, 9th of June 2017

La Caldera's production, in co-production with Grec Festival de Barcelona and with the support of Fundación AISGE

ELENA CÓRDOBA. Dancer and choreographer and has been working in Madrid since 1990. Her starting point is a detailed observation of the body, both the main axis and object of her work. She has accompanied her artistic work with teaching, focussing on different ways of understanding and practicing dance. In 2008 she started Anatomía Poética, an ongoing creative project focussing on the inside of the human body, including pieces and studies using different formats. She has contributed to the creation of the artistic research and praxis collectives Bailar ¿es eso lo que queréis? and Déjame entrar. She was artist in residence for several years at Madrid’s Teatro Pradillo.

More about Elena Córdoba at La Caldera