10 - 15 Jul 2017

Workshop To see what is there or how make decisions in creation

Sofía Asencio > Taller de ver lo que ya hay o cómo tomar decisiones en el trabajo de crear

My proposal in this lab is to study and practice decision-making in the creative process.

We’ll practice doing according to what we observe, deciding what it is necessary to bring into the action that is being performed.

I am not personally interested in making choreographies, generated through a more or less interesting accumulation or putting together of movements. What I’m proposing is to focus on what comes before the choreography, aiming to find the axis (whether formal, psychic, emotional, ideological or pictorial etc), and once it has been found, to follow it through.

To see what is there.

I like the idea that “in all observation there is participation”, so when I observe a sunset, I’m participating in it, in a way I’m creating it. This attitude, this awareness of pleasure is not at all simple ... it requires practice, given that our mind seems to be hard-wired to fill empty spaces with meaning. So we’ll stop at the obvious.

To observe what is there does not mean to say what is there.

Once vision has been pacified, we’ll turn our attention to listening; vision focuses and situates the centre, hearing situates us on the periphery.

There is a greater quantity of energy accumulated in the centre, at the periphery – seen from the centre, obviously - the edges or borders are more fragile.

We’ll inhabit both of these intensities, paying special attention to the territories that survive beyond the control of our observation.

Finally, if we have time, we’ll practice what I call “building the house from within”, practice without the awareness of an external observer, that the observer is also within.

SOFÍA ASENCIO. Choreographer, dancer and performer has worked as a dancer for 10 years with various companies (Lanonima Imperial, Mudanses, Vicente Saez, Cia ACTA and General Electrica) with whom has toured around the world.

Since 2002, is coodirecting with Tomas Alonso Aragay Societat Doctor Alonso, where she works as playwright, choreographer and performer. With this project she has created; "on beauty", "Shopping bread", "Santa Sofia, an ignorant’s solo", "On Death", “the missteps of Luisa "," Volume II” “Ramon 2108 "," acid folk” ," Club Fernando Pessoa”“La naturaleza y su temblor”, “Introducción a la introducción”, “El desenterrador”, “Y los huesos hablaron” and “Anarchy”. During this years she has also made their own creations and has collaborated with other artists and choreographers.

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